Jeff Rowland - Parisian Walkways

Jeff Rowland - Parisian Walkways - 'This piece is a simple street scene set in Paris encompassing all of the ingredients that I love and know so well. As soon as I could picture this scene in my mind I could visualize how the colours of blues and greys would work together. I find that the Parisian cafe is always a fascinating subject to paint as for me they portray a particular age in cinema; an age of ‘Film Noir’ where men in belted raincoats surrounded by plumes of smoke were a common site. The reflection of light on the rain soaked street, the couple walking in the distance (hopefully to a happy ending); I wanted to evoke a strong cinematic feel. The narrative tells us that this is the final shot to a great film, I wanted to express the feeling that the director has just said "Cut, that's a wrap!".'

Canvas On Board
22" x 17.5"

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